Evaluation Services

RPX Consulting is a trusted partner, working with clients to design evaluation plans and conduct on-site evaluations that comply with donor expectations. Baseline, Midterm, or Final – formative or summative – RPX enters every evaluation with the goal of facilitating program success.

  • Performance and Impact evaluations
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Data analysis using a variety of statistical methods and analytical software (SPSS, SAS, Excel)
  • Employing mobile technology and software in the field to maximize reach and efficiencies
  • Retaining local consultants to capture in depth data across the project area
  • Providing accurate and useful reports with step by step recommendations for success
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OUR APPROACH: Data Analysis

Approaches applied for data analysis include univariate methods used to summarize, describe and present data, basic probability distributions, discrete probability distributions, normal distributions, sampling distributions, confidence interval estimation, single-sample and two-sample hypothesis testing, regression, ANOVA (one-way, two-way, and factorial), chi-squared, correlations, regression (linear, multivariate, and logistic), principal component analysis, factor analysis, and discriminant analysis.