Experienced in dealing with market players in developing regions, RPX Consulting has a track record of yielding proceeds well above client expectation and maximizing landed cost recovery for US donated commodities. RPX handles every aspect of the monetization and logistics process, including but not limited to:

  • Connecting clients to the most viable market players that can offer the best pricing and terms
  • Managing every aspect of tendering and bid solicitation
  • Serving as the international buyer liaison, managing buyer review and selection
  • Managing the negotiation of final price and payment terms (e.g. irrevocable letter of credit, bank guarantee, cash against documents)
  • Direct liaison to shipping agent for coordination of cargo delivery
  • On-site representation at foreign port and discharge to buyer, mitigating risk of diversion
  • Ensuring that all monetization and logistics documentation is in line with US Government reporting requirements
SUCCESS STORY: Monetization

Trucks Being WeighedA large NGO with a solid history in monetization projects retained RPX to improve the results of its sales. For a project in Latin America, the client sought to obtain $3.6M in proceeds, however RPX negotiated a much better deal and secured $6.3M to its client’s account (+$2.7M / 75% higher than anticipated). For its next project in East Africa the client was anticipating $4.1M in proceeds, yet RPX delivered $6.4M (+$2.3M / 56% higher than anticipated) and arranged sales terms that placed all payment in the client’s account prior to cargo delivery. From the time RPX was hired, this client achieved $61.4M in sales, including $10M in surplus proceeds.