RPX: A Record of Success

 Over the past decade, RPX Consulting has put together an incredible record of success in assisting our clients to maximize their potential. We have worked in over 40 different countries, for NGOs both large and small. Here is a small sampling of some of our recent wins for our clients. 

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Monetization: Exceeding Expectations

A large NGO with a solid history in monetization projects retained RPX to improve the results of its sales. For a project in Latin America, the client sought to obtain $3.6M in proceeds, however RPX negotiated a much better deal and secured $6.3M to its client’s account (+$2.7M / 75% higher than anticipated). For its next project in East Africa the client was anticipating $4.1M in proceeds, yet RPX delivered $6.4M (+$2.3M / 56% higher than anticipated) and arranged sales terms that placed all payment in the client’s account prior to cargo delivery. From the time RPX was hired, this client achieved $61.4M in sales, including $10M in surplus proceeds.

USDA: Food For Progress

A small NGO with no monetization experience retained RPX to advise on resource development. RPX assessed the client strengths vs. US government priorities and landed a USDA Food for Progress agreement later that year. RPX went on to design and manage a successful sale in the Dominican Republic, achieving 100% cost recovery and obtaining immediate payment to its client from the local buyer.

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Independent Evaluation: Rescuing a Model Project

A large NGO engaged in three-year development program funded by the US government retained RPX to conduct an independent midterm evaluation. RPX discovered that the client was failing to address key tasks outlined in the project agreement and was failing in the eyes of the donor. RPX developed step-by-step recommendations on how to immediately jumpstart activities. With guidance from RPX through the final evaluation period, the client was able to take the project from the brink of failure to become a model program.

USG Funding: Increased Client Funds by 1600%

A small NGO that that struggled to obtain USG funding retained RPX to advise on resource development. In Year 1, RPX linked the client’s capacities to current USG priorities and helped land a small grant. Over the next two years, RPX leveraged their client’s success, prepared fund worthy proposals and increased their level of USG funding by 1600% (Year 1: $250K, Year 3: $4.5M).

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Monetization: Stepping In with the Right Strategy

An experienced NGO was unable to obtain acceptable prices for monetization in the assigned country of sale. RPX obtained US government approval for 3rd country monetization and redesigned the monetization plan to tap into opportunities found in nearby markets. Commodities were monetized successfully in the Dominican Republic. RPX not only helped the client make the sale, but to also collect an additional $700K over the originally anticipated level of proceeds.